Sneak Peek

Cookie Creme Truffles for the
Perfect-on-the-Outside Guy

This guy presents himself well and sets a good first impression. Typically more mature and successful in business, he’s often an entrepreneur and enjoys being his own boss with much free time to enjoy life. “After all, that is what we are here for” this type would typically say! We ladies fawn for him since he’s forthcoming with his intentions.

truffles250x200When he tells you what he adores about you and that he wants commitment- a rare word in this crazy dating world – we begin to imagine all that could be with this one. Happily ever after! It’s only once we are into the relationship that we start to see the realities of what is really going on inside his mind – and his home.

He sparkled. It was something about his eyes, or, maybe it was his aura. He had a free spirit about him that highlighted his contentment with life. His prominent Norwegian features, defined cheekbones, slender nose, hinted at the wisdom of his heritage. Seeing the good in him, I projected my own views of an ideal mate onto all that I thought he was and that I wanted him to be.

Have you ever done that ladies? Projected all of your hopes onto a new special someone before you truly knew them? You’re not alone! You can read about what happened with my Perfect-on-the-Outside Guy in the book:

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