SugarLove Book

Everyone takes a different path in life, many go the marriage route, more and more seem to be going the divorce route. And for better or for worse, some of us, like myself, have gone the singlehood route. I’m grateful for my life – full of dating adventures – and must say that even though I’d love one man to adore, my singlehood experiences have treated me well.

Having always been independent by nature, this strong quality of mine has also been my curse. Even fortune tellers and palm readers have told me that, “I’m good at dating,” and “I’m good on my own.” I always make the best of what I have. It comes from my heart that I must write about these men in hopes that other ladies can relate and even find validation through my stories.

SugarLove – Broken Cookies Still Taste Good was born from my love of baking and my life of dating. As one who loves to play hostess and who adores food, naturally, I baked for my beaus and oddly found similarities in their favorite baked goods. In search of love, this single girl – yours truly – shares her dating stories as told through the recipes that personify the significant men she has dated. It’s as if the recipe rationalizes the particular beau and his characteristics, whether fond or peculiar. If Carrie Bradshaw and I were BFFs, she’d never be lacking of material for her column.